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Secure Scalable Multimedia Streaming

There are two distinct trends emerging in the field of multimedia communications. One is the need for content scalability to enable Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) for varied devices and network conditions. The other is the demand for end-to-end security (e.g., confidentiality and copyright protection), backed up by strong encryption standards. Unfortunately, these two trends have traditionally been considered to be in conflict with each other. Content scaling is performed by a transcoding operation which requires direct access to the content, ultimately compromising security.


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Interactive Presentation Slide Adaptation

This project involves the creation of an interactive slide adaptation system. The system uses a web browser as the client display software. Interactivity is provided through user activated hyperlinks which are used to retrieve and expand content on-demand.

Universal Multimedia Access and Semantic Summarization for Presentations

A novel summarization scheme is proposed which combines information from multiple sources such as audio data and presentation slides to improve accessibility of presentation archives for users.

Secure Scalable Multimedia Streaming

System for transcoding encrypted multimedia content (video, audio, slides, etc.) without requiring decryption. Full scalability can be achieved while maintaining end-to-end security. Current focus is on scaling encrypted MPEG-4 video stream.

Time Stretching an Audio Signal

A demonstration of time stretching an audio signal, i.e. changing the playback speed without altering the pitch of the signal.

Universal Multimedia Access in ePresence

A database-driven transcoding engine which transcodes video content and manipulates the ePresence screen-layout based on received metadata (e.g., client preferences and capabilities, communication channel properties, etc.).

Shape-Adaptive Image Coding

A codec for compressing arbitrarily-shaped still visual objects in support of application-driven transcoding.