Interactive Presentation Slide Adaptation

One of the core objectives of many e-learning applications is to make lecture content available to a variety of devices (e.g., laptops, PDAs, etc.) in remote locations. Access to the content may be performed under “live” or archived scenarios. However, presentation slides often contain more content than can be reasonably displayed on a small screen. In this case, we require an intelligent method to adapt the content so that the most useful information is given precedence over less important details.

This project involves the creation of an interactive slide adaptation system. The source documents are XML-based, using the new MS PowerPoint 2007 format. The system uses a web browser as the client display software. Interactivity is provided through user activated hyperlinks which are used to retrieve and expand content on-demand.

Interactive Slide Adaptation System Technical Progress Report »


A live demonstration of the system is available here:
NOTE: The prototype system is dependent on strict compliance to the CSS 2.1 standard and has only been tested on Firefox 1.5 and higher. It is known NOT to display correctly using Internet Explorer.
USAGE: The slides of the demonstration presentation can be navigated using the arrows at the bottom left and right part of the window. The content is displayed and loaded using different sizes depending on the size of the browser window. For small browser window sizes, only the highest level bullets will be displayed, with a "down arrow" acting as a hyperlink to display the lower level bullets.

Team Members: Karl Martin, Vishvajit Singh