Haiping Lu (吕海平),
Multimedia Lab
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Toronto
e: hplu [at] ieee[dot] org
t: +852 3411 5818
Code & Data

The Matlab code of my algorithms and related data are provided here for the research community.

Latest Updates:
July 22, 2012: MPCA1.3 is released.
March 21, 2012: UMLDA1.0 is released.
March 20, 2012: RCSP1.0 is released.
February 28, 2012: UMPCA1.0 is released.

  1. UMLDA (Uncorrelated Multilinear Discriminant Analysis)
    UMLDA Version 1.0: code, data, and paper (19.73MB)

  2. RCSP (Regularized Common Spatial Pattern)
    RCSP Version 1.0: code and paper (2.19MB)

  3. UMPCA (Uncorrelated Multilinear Principal Component Analysis)
    UMPCA Version 1.0: code, data, and paper (7.87MB)

  4. MPCA (Multilinear Principal Component Analysis)
    MPCA Version 1.3 package: code, data, samples, and paper (5.18MB)
    Gait data: 128x88x20(21.2M); 64x44x20(9.9M); 32x22x10(3.2M)

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