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Mahdi Marsousi
Academic Affiliation:
Multimedia Processing Lab, 
Electrical and Computer Eng. Dept., 
University of Toronto,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Industrial Affiliation:
Research Engineer,
Research and Development Department,
Magna Electronics Inc.,
1 Kenview Blvd, Suite 200,
Brampton, ON, L6T 5E6, Canada
Contact Information:
Academic email:
Work email: 
Email: marsousi@gmail.com
Cell-phone: (647) 967-1585

Research engineer at Magna international Inc.

Magna International Inc. is a Canadian global automotive supplier headquartered in Ontario, Canada. In 2014, Magna was the largest automobile parts manufacturer in North America by sales of original equipment parts, and one of Canada's largest companies. Magna manufactures auto parts that are primarily supplied to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler LLC, Tesla Motors, Volkswagen, BMW and Toyota. Magna has approximately 152,000 employees in 309 manufacturing operations and 99 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries.

Magna has recently joint the group of comapines working on driver assitance systems, such as object detection and collision avoidance, semi-autonomous driving, and automated parking. Magna has several research and development departments in North America, Europe, and Asia. One of its R&D departments is Magna vectrics, located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, working on vision-based solutions.

Mahdi has joint Magna Vectrics since September 2016, an his research and development has been focused on automated parking system based on ultrasound sensors as well as camera. The automated parking system involves parking spot detection, colission avoidance, and parking path planning. Mahdi has designed a novel algorithm to estimate the alignment and size of objects around the vehicle to detect proper parking spot for parallel and perpendicular parking, and to avoid collision during the auto-parking maneuver. Mahdi's responsibilities at Magna involve algorithm design, simulation in MATLAB, and method development in Visual C++ using the OpenCV library.

Automated parking system

Research and development engineer at Manabeh Taghzieh Electronics Co.
(Power Supply Production Co., Tehran, Iran)

Manabe Taghzieh Electronics Co. (PSP Co.) is a mid-size electronic manufacturer, located in Tehran, Iran, working in three different areas, including power electronics, tele-communication, and vehicular electronic units. PSP Co. has been known as a major electronic part supplier for Iranian car manufacturing companies, including Iran Khodro and Saipa.

Mahdi worked as an electronic engineer in research and development (R&D) department at PSP Co. from 2005 to 2010. His work was focused on designing vehicular electronic units, including alarm center unit (ACU) of Samand, remote infra-red central lock, ultrasound parking sensor, power windows, and car clock. Mahdi also designed a vision-based system for quality control department to accelerate verification of electronic products. The vision-based system was designed based on Canon digital cameras. Mahdi’s work at PSP Co. involved electronic circuit design, microcontroller programing, and simulation using MATLAB, and GUI design with MS Visual C #.

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