ANNEX 5: Teaching Assignments

Course Title: Special Topics on Digital Signal Processing

NOTE: The material of this course was defined by Dr. Stergiopoulos as the graduate course EE7510 Digital Signal Processing II, Dept. Elec. Eng., Dalhousie-Tech. "Real Time Signal Processing" Note: Based on Dean’s teaching evaluation results, Stergiopoulos’ teaching efforts were placed in the top third of Dalhousie-Tech Faculty of Engineering Teachers. Period: 1995-97.

Course Director: Dr. S. Stergiopoulos

Brief Course Description:

This course deals with generic processing schemes that allow the implementation and testing of various active-passive adaptive and synthetic aperture processing schemes in a wide spectrum of real time systems such as: radar, sonar, ultrasound imaging and monitoring vital signs systems. This course bridges a number of related fields: detection & estimation theory; filter theory (Finite Impulse Response Filters); sensor array processing that includes beamforming & imaging; spatial & temporal spectral analysis; and data normalization that maps the resulting data into the dynamic range of the display devices in a manner which provides a CFAR (Constant False Alarm Rate) capability across the analysis cells. Topics to be presented include also inversion problems that consider the propagation characteristics of the operational environment in the signal processing schemes of the real time systems.